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Xiamen and Hakka Tulou Tour

Xiamen is a coastal city located in southeast Fujian Province beside the Taiwan Strait. A proclaimed Garden City, Xiamen is consistently ranked among the most livable places in China. The Shangri-la-like island Gulangyu Island, which is eight minutes by ferry from the city, offers amazing views of Xiamen and features many Victorian-style European buildings. Xiamen is also the gateway to Hakka Tulou, the residence and fortress of the Hakka people. Gulangyu Island and Hakka Tulou are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we will explore them both during this trip. In addition to these cultural and natural sites we will also enjoy Xiamen’s fresh air and its subtropical weather in December.

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Depart: December 27, 2021

Return: December 30, 2021



Please email Under subject, type “Travel - Xiamen and Hakka Tulou Tour” and include your member number, mobile phone number, WeChat ID, and roommate (if applicable). Reservation closing date is when the tour is fully booked. SEA coordinator is Christy Chen Moeller, WeChat: christychenmoeller.

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

As one of China's largest winter events, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is a must-see attraction. Each year thousands of workers recreate famous landmarks and other buildings using crystal-clear blocks of ice from the local river. During our three days’ visit, we will view the amazing sculptures in Harbin Ice and Snow World; experience local activities like ice sloping and ice boating on the frozen Songhua River; experience the Russian influences of the region by walking through Central Street and St. Sophia Church; and meet the big cats at the Siberian Tiger Park. 

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Depart: Friday, January 14, 2022

Return: Sunday, January 16, 2022