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Spotlight On: Make-A-Wish Shanghai

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

By Julie Chun, Community Outreach Chairperson

Who: Make-A-Wish Shanghai

When: Established 2017

What: To grant wishes of hope and health to Chinese children afflicted by or recovering from illnesses.

Make-A-Wish Shanghai strives to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. These wishes bring greater hope for recovery and healing to those who have been diagnosed with severe illnesses. Working in partnership with donors, supporters, and volunteers, Make-A-Wish Shanghai tries to improve the lives of Chinese children 18 and under so that they can eventually become a part of mainstream society.

Make-A-Wish Shanghai selects, researches, and approves wishes that can come true, hoping to raise the chances of survival through positive experiences. Providing ways for a child with a serious medical condition to enter the fantasy world of Disneyland, or train to become a chef, or go on a special trip with family members—these are just a few examples of how Make-A-Wish Shanghai works towards their goal.

If you can help with charitable contributions, or airplane miles, or even your time for operational support, you can be a part of a child’s precious journey towards recovery and health.

For more information, please visit: or email Sheri Li

Original Courier publish date: July, 2019

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