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Spotlight on: More Than Aware

Who: More Than Aware (MTA)

When: Established 2011 by Suzanne Calton

What: To empower women to be proactive in the prevention and recovery of breast cancer.

More Than Aware is a charitable organization in Shanghai started by a group of half foreigners and half locals representing 18 different countries. More Than Aware focuses on lifestyle, prevention, and recovery from breast cancer and encourages people to turn awareness into action. The annual Family Fun Run held at Century Park in Pudong is the largest charitable activity organized by foreigners in Shanghai.

About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is diagnosed in every country in women of all ages after puberty, but with increasing rates in recent years due to advanced imaging technology. It has recently overtaken lung cancer as the world’s mostly commonly-diagnosed cancer, according to statistics released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in December 2020.

Nearly 1 in 12 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the number one cause of death from cancer in women. Approximately 685,000 women died from the disease in 2020.

Breast cancer treatment can be highly effective, achieving survival rates of 90% or higher, particularly when the disease is identified early. As of the end of 2020, there were 7.8 million women living with a breast cancer diagnosis that had been made within the previous five years, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer. (Source: World Health Organization)

About the Organization

More Than Aware is purely volunteer-driven. 100% of its proceeds go directly to local Chinese breast cancer recovery programs.

MTA Events

In addition to a yearly luncheon by the More Than Aware’s committed volunteers, partners, and sponsors, and four spectacular Guinness World Records, the More Than Aware’s Family Fun Run is an emotional highlight for both breast cancer thrivers and their friends and families, and everyone who is committed to be more than aware. Held each spring in Shanghai’s Century Park, More Than Aware’s fun run brings together thousands of people. Participants create wellness goals hand-written on the back of their event t-shirts and run to support breast cancer thrivers.

Become Part of the More Than Aware Global Fun Run Community Event

SEA is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Fun Run in 2021, to help More Than Aware raise money and awareness to support breast cancer prevention and recovery through a lifestyle of wellness.

There will be a closing ceremony after the race that includes:

- a race medal

- the opportunity to participate in a Guinness World Record (details to follow)

- and a team picture showing your success!

If you can’t join in person, you can also sponsor a thriver!

Donate Your Hair

Pledge your ponytail: With only 6 inches or 15cm, your clean hair donation (color treated is accepted!) contributes to a beautiful wig that breast cancer thrivers can cherish. You can also donate your hair on site as a part of the closing ceremony. Alternatively, you can bring your hair in a sealed plastic bag to (put a location address).

Become a Volunteer

The More Than Aware Volunteer Team is 100% volunteer driven, and consists of a 50/50 ratio of local/foreign volunteers. Volunteers are from 14 different countries, with one combined purpose: awareness in action.

For more information, please visit: or reach the organization by email

Want to be a volunteer? Sign up at

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