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Spotlight on: Run in Blue

By Julie Chun, Community Outreach Chairperson

Co-organized by New Sunshine Charity Foundation (北京新阳光慈善基金会) and Rotaract Club of Shanghai (RoCS)

Who: Run in Blue

When: Established 2013

What: To provide funding for Chinese children suffering from leukemia

Since 2013, Rotaract Club of Shanghai (RCoS) has been organizing the annual Run in Blue family fun 5K run/walk whose proceeds go toward children’s health and education needs. RCoS is a gathering of young professionals that support worthy causes with their vocational and organizational skills. Proceeds from past Run in Blue events have gone towards establishments that deal with the education of children with autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, impoverished child nutrition, and others.

This year Run in Blue is supporting the New Sunshine Charity Foundation’s (北京新阳光慈善基金会) school hospital project called the New Sunshine Hospital School (NSHS). The project started in 2008 with a single volunteer in Peking University. Today they have 30 classrooms in 16 cities and over 30 full-time workers.

The New Sunshine Charity Foundation has been working in the area of hematology for 16 years. It is one of the largest non-profit organizations that provides services to Chinese patients with cancer, the first NGO to fund medical research in China, and the first NPO in China to cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Each year, between 25 and 30 thousand children are diagnosed with leukemia or pediatric tumors. Although about 70% of these children will make a full recovery after 2-3 years, while undergoing treatment they miss out on academic studies and social activities. NSHS’s goal is to provide the education and social integration necessary to ensure the ongoing development of these children. They are tutored in their primary academic courses and provided with support in socialization and behavior so that they can achieve full integration with their peers.

Please come join SEA as we take part in the annual Run in Blue charity fun run (or walk) in May. Look for details on the SEA website.

For more information, or sponsorship opportunities with Run in Blue, please email Rotaract at

Original Courier publish date: May, 2019

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