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Community Outreach

SEA partners with local charities to give back to the greater Shanghai community and provides opportunities for members to connect with registered non-profit organizations, expanding our understanding of the needs of Chinese citizens. You can learn about each of the SEA-sponsored charities below. Contact our Community Outreach volunteers to recommend other charities for SEA to sponsor.


SEA Support

Each year, SEA donates available funds to registered charities selected by the Community Outreach team and approved by the Executive Board. Sponsored charities receive our support in a few ways:​​​

  • Annual financial donation

  • Raffle and event proceeds

  • Volunteer recruitment of SEA members

  • Free promotion to SEA members

H2H Logo-w-150_edited.png
Heart to Heart Shanghai

Heart to Heart Shanghai provides corrective surgery for Chinese children from all over China with congenital heart defects (CHD) whose parents are unable to afford the surgery.

How to Help:

  • Volunteer with children in the hospital playroom

  • Help sort donations and prepare for events

  • Sell teddy bears at events to raise money for surgery

  • Knit, crochet, or sew outfits for teddy bears to raise money for surgery

  • Donate money or new/used clothing, blankets, books, etc.


Learn more about Heart to Heart:

Read more about H2H

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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones works to improve the education and general welfare of disadvantaged children in China, especially the children of migrant workers.

How to Help:

  • Volunteer to teach a class for a semester (full teaching materials and instructions will be provided)

  • Go on a multi-day trip to teach in rural areas

  • Help with fundraising, translation, and other administrative tasks

Learn more about Stepping Stones:

Read more about Stepping Stones

shanghai sunrise.JPG
Shanghai Sunrise

Shanghai Sunrise provides educational high school and university scholarships for underprivileged and at-risk young people in China.

How to Help:

  • Sponsor a student to provide financial and mentoring support

    • 6500RMB for 1 high school student for 1 year

    • 6500RMB for 1 university student for 1 year

  • Make a donation or purchase a Shanghai Sunrise gift item

  • Meet the Students once a year with SEA

  • Assist with administrative work

Learn more about Shanghai Sunrise:

Read more about Shanghai Sunrise

Xinxing Aid for Street Children

Xinxing (New Star) Aid for Street Children provides early intervention, housing, temporary guardians, and family education to help reintegrate children and their families into the community.

How to Help:

  • Make a financial donation to provide resources for at-risk children

    • 200RMB hospital visit or check up

    • 300RMB classroom resources for 2 children per month

    • 400RMB warm blanket for 1 child

    • 600RMB social outing for 15 children

    • 3000RMB food for 15 children for 1 month

    • 5000RMB boarding school for 1 child for 1 year


Learn more about Xinxing Aid for Street Children:

Read more about Xinxing

MTA Logo.jpg
More than Aware Family Fun Run/Walk

More than Aware Family Fun Run/Walk is an annual community event organized by More Than Aware to raise awareness of breast cancer and to donate proceeds to the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club. More Than Aware (MTA) is completely volunteer driven. 100% of proceeds are donated directly to the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, a registered not-for-profit organization with 12,000 members, and a volunteer staff of 500. The club boasts a 90% recovery rate of Breast Cancer patients through a holistic approach to wellness. The Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club (SCRC) has 4,000 recovering Breast Cancer “Thrivers.”  The “Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club” is More Than Aware’s long-term (government registered) partner.  Like MTA, SCRC is also 100% volunteer based.


How to help;

  • Participate in the annual run/walk.

  • Help fundraise for the event.

  • Volunteer with More Than Aware


Learn more about More Than Aware Family Fun Run/Walk:



Read more about More Than Aware


Make-A-Wish Shanghai is an international affiliate of the Make-A-Wish Foundation that grants a wish to a child facing a life-threatening medical condition to provide optimism and hope towards a road to recovery and greater ease adapting into mainstream society.

How to Help:

  • Volunteer as a wish granter

  • Help fund a wish

  • Speak about Make-A-Wish

  • Help with administrative tasks


Learn more about Make-A-Wish Shanghai:

Read more about Make-A-Wish

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